What are the Pros of Working with a WeChat Marketing Agency?

With each passing day, WeChat continues to skyrocket its way to the top of the social media platforms in China. But for foreign companies looking to find their way in the gigantic, ever-expanding market of China, there’s one question that pops out: Why is WeChat the most effective digital marketing platform to get to the average Chinese customer?

The Big Whoop About WeChat in China

When prospective clients enquire about the effective marketing services in China, there’s no doubt WeChat doesn’t come up. Digital marketing agencies specialized in WeChat marketing find this social media platform quite the powerful tool to tap into the market. They call it the “magic bullet” in the Chinese market. However, hiring a WeChat marketing agency goes beyond just the bare minimum. Requiring to plan out a long-term strategy in order to promote your brand while increasing visibility and your reputation to the Chinese social media network is key, and that is definitely the aim of every WeChat marketing agency in China!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Working with a WeChat Marketing Agency: Pros?

1. China’s Biggest Social Media Platform

WeChat is currently the whale of all Chinese social networks, ranging over 860 million active users a month. If you’re even in the marketing game for a few hours, you’ll realize quickly just how embedded WeChat is into the social fabric of China. Needless to say, when it comes to its marketing capabilities, the potential is endless. Marketing agencies specialized in WeChat can easily tap into a large and active audience that is well versed with the universe of WeChat, thereby, making it a smooth transaction, overall. The behemoth of a platform that we know today was once a simple IM-platform, and today is one of the most integrated social media platforms in the entire world. For new companies that enter the WeChat sphere, it can be quite difficult to get accustomed to it. This is where hiring a third-party WeChat marketing agency comes in handy!

2. Brand Value and Recognition on WeChat

Don’t be fooled by the lack of enthusiasm from customers who see businesses marketing themselves on social media in the west. Chinese customers truly embrace capitalism with open arms and consider it a popular philosophy, in fact. Therefore, a WeChat marketing agency that wishes to promote your overall brand image and message will be accepted with a completely open mind. Get used to a totally different kind of audience with a YES-attitude that doesn’t mind companies (especially foreign companies) promoting themselves shamelessly over social media platforms. Rest assured, they will not deem you a nuisance! Luckily, a WeChat marketing agency would know just how to entice the audience with captivating content.

3. Adopting A Social Approach

One thing to keep in mind, in case you choose not to hire a marketing agency to do your work is keeping the conversations live and active. Whether it’s from your official company accounts or not, Chinese customers love to engage. This might seem like a “needless to say” kind of point, but the truth is that most foreign companies do not realize just how big a responsibility this is. Customer services mean a big deal to them and can cost you your sales if not responded correctly. This is where a WeChat marketing agency would be the right fit for you. Using the WeChat individual/group chats, you could keep the customers happy and wanting to return. Further, the chat services offer you a strong feedback loop from prospective customers.

4. Endless Shopping Opportunities: Offline Vs Online

Presenting customers with endless opportunities to return is key. This is particularly beneficial if you’re running an e-commerce business. Also, the shift from offline to online has become rather seamless, thanks to the boon of WeChat. With the use of QR codes, customers can easily scan to link to relevant content or an official account, adding an effective way to bring some action to your website. An expert WeChat marketing agency would know exactly how to handle this, considering the action they’ve seen with WeChat marketing over the past couple of years!

5. Quality Data Analysis

This might be something you don’t want to have to deal with: data analysis. But thanks to WeChat, you have access to a wealth of data, including traffic figures, customer feedback, click-through rates, and more. The right WeChat marketing agency would know just how to go about this and how to analyze use this quality data to bring your brand the best results!