VoIP: Why a Wise Investment for Small Business?

Telecommunications have greatly improved in the last few decades. The industry has moved from landline calls to video conferencing that takes audio and video to any corner of the globe. VoIP is a modern communication technology that reduces communications costs and also offers a host of advantages over traditional telephony.  Here are a few reasons why selecting the best VoIP for small business is a wise investment.

Simple Installation and Ease of Use

VoIP telephony allows you to carry out your communication over the Internet. Unlike traditional phone systems, you don’t have to install lines connecting to PSTN which is an expensive and time-consuming affair. VoIP telephone system is simple to install as it requires few things like a VoIP phone or computer with Internet connection and subscription to VoIP service provider.

In a traditional telephone system, the technician has to run telephone lines across the office premises. On the other hand, VoIP telephony is easy to use; it’s more like a plug and plaything. All settings related to VoIP telephony can be accessed through the browser after logging into your VoIP phone account.

Highly Scalable

Your business communication needs will change as your business grows.  You may be required to scale up during peak business periods and scale down during slow times.  A traditional phone system is less scalable and also expensive.

VoIP phone service is cloud-based which offers flexible scalability options to meet your changing business needs and controlling costs at the same time. For example, if a new employee joins your company, you can go into your VoIP phone system and add a new line. If an employee leaves the company, you just need to remove one VoIP line from your VoIP phone account.

Forward Calls Easily

Many times your employees have to work out of office premises. What happens if the employee receives a customer or client call? The VoIP phone system allows easily forwarding of calls and ensures your employee is never out of reach even when out of office premises.

Advanced Features

VoIP is a modern communication technology that comes with advanced features like auto-attendant, call conferencing and many more.  When customers call your business they are greeted with a welcome message and the call is forwarded to the concerned department.

The auto-attendant feature can forward calls to the most appropriate representative.  This leads to enhanced customer experience as the customer calls is forwarded to the agent who can thoroughly handle inquiries and provide a solution. 

Fax Compatibility

Despite the arrival of email, organizations still use fax systems to send company documents.  VoIP is a fax compliant technology that can allow you to send and receive faxes in a cost-efficient way. One good thing is all documents are sent virtually and all you need to do is scan the document and it will be sent to the recipient via email.

When you receive faxes, they are directly sent to your inbox. This allows a business to cut operating costs as they don’t need to spend on fax machines, printers, paper, and ink toner.

Handle Large Call Volume

Traditional phone lines can handle a limited number of calls at any given time.  For example, a traditional line can handle only one call at a time. However, the best VoIP for small business service can support three simultaneous calls that depend on the equipment. This can be of great help to handle large call volumes without additional equipment or setup.

Other System Integration

It is not easy to integrate your traditional phone system with other systems which are not the case with VoIP technology.  With VoIP, you can sync the system with your email programs like Outlook and use the email platform to make outbound calls.

Also, VoIP can be integrated with CRM. This allows employees to get a holistic view of the customer they are speaking to. This reduces the need to look at multiple screens to get information stored in the system. With CRM integration, the agent can pull up details of the customer, communication and purchase history while talking to the customer and provide a better solution to the customer.

These are some of the reasons why every business needs the best VoIP for small businesses. Do you’ve any questions?