Tips to Use Weibo Marketing for Your Business Strategy

Weibo is an amazing success story in the field of microblogging and social media. With more than 600 million registered users, it is one of the popular social media platforms in China. With such a huge audience, it offers remarkable opportunities for businesses to interact with potential customers. In China, one of the recommended marketing activities is Weibo Marketing. Many Fortune 500 companies created fan pages on the Weibo social media. They see Weibo as an efficient tool for establishing their presence in China. Now, let us understand with some tips on how you should strategically use Weibo marketing for your business strategy.

Knowing your Target

The most crucial aspect of doing social marketing in China is to understand and know the audience. Data and analysis, insights and local knowledge of the market and its segments are vital. One should carefully understand the audience and create user profiles that typically target end uses when seeking to interact on Weibo. It would be best if brands hire a reputed Chinese online marketing agency who can able to provide access to the data and insights for creating a successful marketing campaign and also acts as a trusted partner for extending their business in this high-growth and competitive market.

Relationship with your Audience

The indispensable part of branding on social media in China is engaging with the audience. For instance, on Weibo, the interaction between the audience and an account manager can take various forms. Account managers may “like” a post that speaks highly of a brand’s services or products. They can also reply directly to a user’s comments. They also repost a Key Opinion Leader’s post about their brand or repost user’s questions and positive testimonials with a response. One can interact privately where the account manager and the sender can see the messages. This type of communication is used as a form of customer service for dealing with complaints and solves the problem.

Create Engaging Content

While keeping the target audience’s interests and Weibo usage in mind, the next step is to create content. Weibo has tagged topics and accounts divided into different categories. B2B marketers can visit the page of topics and check the trending topic in each category. The tagged categories are helpful for identifying thought leaders to follow and prospects for engaging. The most typical way netizens use Weibo is sharing text with an image. As the picture is attractive to viewers and is available on Weibo, inserting an image with posts is crucial. Please make sure that your posts are being proofread by a native Chinese speaker and avoid using the automatic translation for your English content. Such posts will look ridiculous and please avoid poorly written content which will be a major turn off for your audience. To utilize Weibo marketing for getting success, having an SEO mindset is important. For instance, if you have created an infographic, a white paper or a new report to publish; do not forget to include proper keywords in the post along with images, so it will easy for the users to search the content.

Engaging with your Followers

It is extremely important to interact with your audience by replying to their comments and make sure you also address the negative comments as well. Be professional and polite when commenting, however, if some comments are abusive then file a complaint to the Weibo admin. You can use the private messaging option for replying some of your followers directly. This will surely boost your credibility and build trust. Hashtags are vital for Weibo. As several topics are available on Weibo, they are identified with hashtags (##). When using a popular or trending hashtag, the post will have higher chances of visibility as it belongs to a particular topic. This is a very useful method for earning new followers and fresh views.

Posting Videos

One of the most beloved activities for a Chinese user is watching and sharing videos through social media. To make people fall love with your brand, post videos on a daily basis but do not post links from YouTube as they are hidden from users residing in China.