How to Make the Most of Weibo Advertising

Weibo’s advertising platform is one of the favorite promotional channels for advertisers. However, the platform is powerful only if it is used properly. Here we have discussed a few tips to make most of Weibo advertising.

Create a Good Weibo Profile

Fan tunneling in Weibo is the best way to reach the Chinese audience. With this Baidu advertising strategy, you can either promote a single post or your account. Hence, most advertisers prefer to promote their Baidu account/profile.

According to advertising experts, creating a good Weibo profile is important as it appears on the top news feed on the user’s account. If you are using Weibo’s Fan headlines feature, the Baidu advertising will focus on existing followers and their connections. Here, your Baidu profile will be highlighted at the top news feeds of your followers and their connections. Hence, it only makes sense to create a good Baidu profile to attract more people.

A good Weibo profile would contain bio, top image, background, loo avatar and tags that will help people find your account on Weibo. Hence, you need to perform adequate research before creating a Weibo profile and ensure it is pretty nice.

Be Ready for Interactions

Baidu ads are known to generate a lot of conversations so you and your team should be ready for interactions. If you are working on a cross-organization advertising campaign, get ready to collect feedback and share it with others. You need to discuss what kind of communication is necessary well ahead of time.

In some cases, you will be required to sort through the noise and find the real messages, translate them and share them with clients. You would be also required to create summary reports. If you are planning to sell online, you need to be ready to speak to potential customers online, your website and Weibo platform. Make sure you respond to private and comments quickly.

Use Demographic Targeting

Identifying the target market is essential to develop effective marketing strategies. Weibo offers you a variety of targeting options like

· Device – Desktop, mobile, or tablet

· Geographic region, gender, age

· Interest- education, IT, health, food & drinks, etc.

· Follower relationship- unrestricted; your followers and followers of certain types of account

For example, if your company manufactures women’s health product, your target customer would be females interested in maintaining health, fitness, and wellness. You could launch in-store campaigns in physical stores or you could tie up promotions with a special in-store offer.

Use Good Quality Images

There is an old adage – A picture speaks a thousand words. Images play an important role in advertising campaigns like attracting the attention of the audience. You need to select good quality images for Weibo advertising campaign.

If you are using multiple images to promote your brand, make sure the products are shown clearly in the picture. The image should have clarity and brand consistency for the customer to feel it. This will ensure the brand will have a positive impact on the prospective customer.

Use Fan Lead Story

The Fan lead story is a different type of option in Weibo advertising. This feature places your ad on the top of the feed. Though there are few ways of customizing the feature, it is a good place to start.

Use Prize Campaigns

Weibo advertising has a built-in function – Prize Campaign. It can be used in two different ways.

  • You can create small prize campaigns where the giveaways are virtual items. It will only cost you a few hundred Yuan but you might get a thousand extra followers. The follower quality is low in such campaigns in comparison to organic marketing or targeted advertising.
  • The bigger prize campaigns get more recognition from the audience. You need to create prize campaigns that relate to your brand. For example, if you run a travel company, the big prize could be a “Return flight to Vancouver” or something similar.

Monitor Results Daily

Weibo advertising platform provides you daily report and tracking options. Using these tools you can find irregularities in the ad campaigns and get them fixed.

These are some of the tips that will help you make most of Weibo advertising and get you higher conversions.