Grow Your Business Through Custom Postcard Printing

Postcard print marketing is making a fast revival in today’s age where every marketing avenue is slowly going digital. The biggest reason for this is the high read value of these postcards. They are short, attractive and do not require a huge expense because they do not require envelopes and extra effort of stuffing and addressing the envelopes. However, you have to be strategic if you want to earn significant business through custom postcard printing and direct mail marketing. Here are a few tips to help steer you in the right direction.

Make a concrete marketing plan

Your postcard marketing campaign should have a concrete plan right from the get-go. This will affect the design, the structure, and the consolidation of your mailing database. You also need to plan the value of the postcard message for your campaign and design the message to grab as much attention as possible.

Make them as attractive as possible

Postcards are getting more traction over regular digital avenues because they have a higher attraction rate. Make sure you tap into this potential with the right choice of images, graphic choices, and color palettes.

Go for the bigger size if you want to make a bigger splash

Oversized postcards have a greater attraction value. Of course, this does not mean you can cram in many words into the message. You have to ensure that your postcard carries a significant association with your brand image to make the most marketing impact for your business.

Edit the copy- short says it best!

Postcards have to be very economical with their messages. Short headlines and declarative sentences for your messages work best in this scenario. It is very important to not use too confusing words or a jumble of details because it will distract your clients from the actual purpose of the marketing.

Associate the right message with the postcard-marketing medium

It is very important to associate the right kind of message with the right kind of medium to get the best impact. Postcards work best for messages with a deadline. This will include messages such as service expiration or renewal reminders. You can also include offers that have an expiration deadline, so your customers know to take advantage of them as soon as possible. You can use the postcards to send coupons, promotional advertisements, fundraising event invites, and even gift certificates to your clients.

The postcard quality

Postcards can be a very definite marketing medium. However, it has to make the largest impact on a very short time. So pack the most punch by including high quality images, full-color, and high-end effect printing. The boldest of your company photos should be reserved for postcards. The postcard paper material should be thick with a good quality texture to give a more exclusive effect to every customer on the mailing list.

Choose the right call to action

Your postcard message should include a quick call to action. Do not leave your customers wondering what they have to do next to avail the offer or renew the service subscription if they are compelled to do so. Include your contact information and company website details so the direct mailing campaign can redirect your customers to your online marketing campaigns.

Budget carefully

It is important to have a significant budget plan before you begin your postcard marketing campaigns. The budget will help decide the quality of the paper you choose for your postcards and also the kind of postage (first class or standard) that you choose. This will also affect your printing choices and mailing list consolidation so be careful about curtailing and leave enough room for flexibility.

Consolidate the mailing list carefully

Finally, it is very important to create a segmented mailing list for a successful postcard marketing campaign. You mailing list should have recipients divided in to name, age, income potential, and profession and interest segments.