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VoIP: Why a Wise Investment for Small Business?

Telecommunications have greatly improved in the last few decades. The industry has moved from landline calls to video conferencing that takes audio and video to any corner of the globe. VoIP is a modern communication technology that reduces communications costs and also offers a host of advantages over traditional telephony.  Here are a few reasons why selecting the best VoIP for small business is a wise investment.

Simple Installation and Ease of Use

VoIP telephony allows you to carry out your communication over the Internet. Unlike traditional phone systems, you don’t have to install lines connecting to PSTN which is an expensive and time-consuming affair. VoIP telephone system is simple to install as it requires few things like a VoIP phone or computer with Internet connection and subscription to VoIP service provider.

In a traditional telephone system, the technician has to run telephone lines across the office premises. On the other hand, VoIP telephony is easy to use; it’s more like a plug and plaything. All settings related to VoIP telephony can be accessed through the browser after logging into your VoIP phone account.

Highly Scalable

Your business communication needs will change as your business grows.  You may be required to scale up during peak business periods and scale down during slow times.  A traditional phone system is less scalable and also expensive.

VoIP phone service is cloud-based which offers flexible scalability options to meet your changing business needs and controlling costs at the same time. For example, if a new employee joins your company, you can go into your VoIP phone system and add a new line. If an employee leaves the company, you just need to remove one VoIP line from your VoIP phone account.

Forward Calls Easily

Many times your employees have to work out of office premises. What happens if the employee receives a customer or client call? The VoIP phone system allows easily forwarding of calls and ensures your employee is never out of reach even when out of office premises.

Advanced Features

VoIP is a modern communication technology that comes with advanced features like auto-attendant, call conferencing and many more.  When customers call your business they are greeted with a welcome message and the call is forwarded to the concerned department.

The auto-attendant feature can forward calls to the most appropriate representative.  This leads to enhanced customer experience as the customer calls is forwarded to the agent who can thoroughly handle inquiries and provide a solution. 

Fax Compatibility

Despite the arrival of email, organizations still use fax systems to send company documents.  VoIP is a fax compliant technology that can allow you to send and receive faxes in a cost-efficient way. One good thing is all documents are sent virtually and all you need to do is scan the document and it will be sent to the recipient via email.

When you receive faxes, they are directly sent to your inbox. This allows a business to cut operating costs as they don’t need to spend on fax machines, printers, paper, and ink toner.

Handle Large Call Volume

Traditional phone lines can handle a limited number of calls at any given time.  For example, a traditional line can handle only one call at a time. However, the best VoIP for small business service can support three simultaneous calls that depend on the equipment. This can be of great help to handle large call volumes without additional equipment or setup.

Other System Integration

It is not easy to integrate your traditional phone system with other systems which are not the case with VoIP technology.  With VoIP, you can sync the system with your email programs like Outlook and use the email platform to make outbound calls.

Also, VoIP can be integrated with CRM. This allows employees to get a holistic view of the customer they are speaking to. This reduces the need to look at multiple screens to get information stored in the system. With CRM integration, the agent can pull up details of the customer, communication and purchase history while talking to the customer and provide a better solution to the customer.

These are some of the reasons why every business needs the best VoIP for small businesses. Do you’ve any questions?

Locksmith Offers You Safe and Secure Lifestyle

Safety is necessary whether at home, or office, the thought of un-authorized guests barging into your premises and running away with your hard-earned wealth or most prized possession scares you the most. Such threats, at times even carry the risk of causing physical damage to your body, life. Mobile locksmith in North Hollywood offers great help in protecting yourself and your assets – money, automobiles, etc. from burglars.

Professional attitude, rich experience, and technical expertise is some of the prowess of locksmith experts in North Hollywood. With great business and technical knowledge, these professionals cater to any of your locksmith needs. Whether you need a simple, lock installed for your home or help you out of an emergency automobile lockout issue these professionals are always willing to help you.

If you are a resident of North Hollywood or run a business there, you may be looking to secure your assets and yourself from threats such as burglary, etc. Commercial locksmith in North Hollywood offers you both peace of mind and security for your assets. Some of the services offered by these professionals include:

• For Residential Locksmith Issues: Installation of keys, and repair of keys, re-keying for residential purposes. North Hollywood locksmiths can help you with security by installing, repairing locks and keys for your front door, patio, and interior doors. These experts can protect your privacy, your assets, and valuables against child abuse by installing child safety locks. They offer high tech lock installation to make sure your residential property, assets are secured against any kind of attacks, they can install locks for handles, installing deadbolts, heavy duty strike plates, wrap-around plates, etc.

• For Commercial Lock Needs: If you run a business or responsible for security at your North Hollywood business, locksmiths can offer a host of services such as: Panic bars, alert alarms the office security in case of un-authorized entry, locks for your store front entry, door accessories, door closers, eye-viewer, Detex locks, restaurant access systems, cylinder guards, latch protectors. In installing these locks and safety equipment, expert locksmiths in North Hollywood, follow standards set by the regulatory authorities, associations including ADA.

• For Automobile Locksmith Issues: Automobile security issues need immediate resolution. Only expert locksmith professionals can offer such assistance and help you out of a stressful situation. Automobile locksmith assistance includes lost key replacements and lock out assistance, installing locks for doors, trunks and repairing the keys when required. Locksmiths can help you with the latest lock and keys including the chip keys, transponder keys that work only for a specific lock system and GM Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS). These services help you come out of stressful lock out situation and act as preventive measures to protect your van, car, truck or even bikes from burglars, etc.

The formal education combined with apprenticeship programs help them offer professional locksmith assistance for any need.

Freelance Graphic Designers – How Do They Help Your Business?

Visual branding is a vital part of marketing and requires the use of good graphic design. Companies generally invest a lot in graphic design services to produce attention-grabbing logos, website layouts, banners, package designs, and other brand advertising materials. If a company has an art department, they will usually handle the necessary graphic design work. For smaller companies that don’t have a budget for an in-house art department, it makes more sense to hire a freelance graphic designer as and when needed.

Companies may hire freelance graphic designers through creative staffing agencies, by searching online for freelance graphic designers, and advertising for the services of a freelance graphic designer.

When you hire through a creative staffing agency, they will match you with freelance graphic designers that have experience in the kind of work you are seeking. Online searches can put you in touch with national and international designers and offer you a more varied design scope. There may also be great variations in the fees they charge, however, and some of the best designers may turn down your project if they feel the budget isn’t right for them. Advertising, on the other hand, can put you in contact with both national and international designers that are actively seeking work and are willing to work with the budget you have.

Some companies prefer to hire locally. If you are hiring a freelance graphic designer Los Angeles, for instance, it will help to place an advertisement in local newspapers and job boards. Be aware though that there is no shortage of creative talent in Los Angeles, and you will most likely find yourself overwhelmed with the influx of applications and portfolios. Going through these and picking the most promising ones can take up a considerable amount of your time.

In any case, whichever way you choose to do your hiring, a freelance graphic designer can help your business promote itself better and bring in more customers and business opportunities.

Great Branding Design

If you are not well-versed in design work, it is a good idea to assign it to a professional designer. You want your branding to have a unique and bold quality that makes it stand out amidst all the competition. A freelance graphic designer who has been in the industry for a long time will understand how branding works and what kind of branding will suit your company. They will create designs for you accordingly.

Creative Solutions

Freelance graphic designers don’t just help you with making things look good, but they also offer creative solutions for positioning your brand in a way that can garner more interest in the market. Remember, the main purpose of branding is to catch public attention and have them recognize your company and its products and services.


Since freelance graphic designers run their own business and depend on contract work for an income, they are going to take a very professional approach in handling your project. You don’t have to worry about whether they will do the work well and on time. Just be sure to give them a detailed design brief before they begin and have a discussion to clarify anything that needs clarification. You won’t need to oversee and micromanage their work once they get started but be available if they need to contact you with questions regarding the project later. Unless any unforeseeable and unavoidable issues crop up, the graphic designers will be reliable in providing you with excellent and creative design work, and they will deliver it according to your schedule.


You can count on efficiency in design production when you hire a freelance graphic designer. If you need to make any changes or corrections in the design work, you can inform the designer, and they will quickly make these without wasting time in a team discussion as might happen if an entire design team is involved. The freelance graphic designer may offer three to five changes for free and then charge a specific amount for further changes. Include this in the design contract and state clearly that the additional payment will be for changes you require, not for changes needed due to the designer’s errors.

Cost Effective

The top freelance graphic designers charge what they are worth, but it will still be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house design team. You don’t have to pay for the designer’s space and software. You only pay for the project you have assigned them.

Four Reasons Why Recruiting Firms are Essential to Your Business

Partnering with recruiting firms is now becoming a necessity for small to large organizations across a range of industries. Many businesses have complex employment requirements, and it is more convenient for them to let recruitment firms handle the hiring process. The best recruiting firms in San Francisco, for instance, offer the dual advantages of their hiring expertise as well as their extensive industry contacts. They can locate people with the right skills and experience to quickly fill the available positions in your organization.

Four Reasons to Hire Recruiting Firms for Your Business

They Don’t Disrupt Your Business Productivity

It can be inconvenient for many organizations to handle recruiting on their own. They may not have enough staff to spare for the purpose. Or, they may be too busy with on-going projects to take on additional responsibilities. In such cases, rather than rush the hiring process and end up with less than satisfactory employees, it makes more sense to work with a recruiting firm. Once they have signed up to partner with you, they will efficiently take care of the entire hiring process. You can rest easy and turn your full attention on managing the everyday activities of your business.

They Help You Connect with the Top Talent

The demand for the best talent has skyrocketed across all industries in recent years. Due to this, the most promising candidates can now afford to pick and choose jobs. Many of them receive regular solicitations from recruiting firms, so they don’t even find it necessary to look at job boards anymore. As a result, even if you post your job advertisements in many different places, there is no guarantee that the right talent will see them.

Your best chance of getting their attention might be through the auspices of reputable recruiting firms. Thanks to their extensive, industry-wide network, the top recruiting firms maintain an active roster of talent. They know who is currently looking for work and who might be persuaded to make a job switch. If you want top-tier talent and are willing to pay them what they are worth, the recruiting firms can quickly put you in touch with them. They can also negotiate work and salary terms on your behalf so that both parties can come to a win-win agreement.

They Have Expertise in Interviewing the Talent

While some candidates have the knack of making a good impression on the interviewers, they may not necessarily fare as well in handling everyday work commitments. As a result, they can end up costing the organization in terms of lost productivity. Also, the organization may then have to expend more time, effort, and expense in recruiting new candidates as replacements.

When you work with the best recruiting firm in San Francisco, you don’t have to worry about any of this. These recruiting firms have experienced staff who know how to screen and assess candidates for specific roles. They will make sure that the people they hire on your behalf are skilled, experienced, reliable, and productive. Many of the best recruiting firms in San Francisco offer a money-back guarantee on the quality of their candidates.

They Assist You in Filling Time-Critical Positions

Your organization may have won a project that requires immediate commencement, but you may not have the workforce needed to handle its entire scope. Furthermore, you might be too busy to expend the time necessary for hiring the staff yourself. In this critical scenario, you can contact the best recruiting firms in San Francisco, and they will swing into action and find people with proper skills and experience. It won’t even be necessary to spend time on training these people for the job ahead. You will thus be able to assemble a talented staff on short notice, and this will help you to proceed with the project without any delays.

As you see, it is to your organization’s business advantage to partner with the best recruiting firms. They can quickly find the talent that fits your bill and is willing to work with you on mutually acceptable terms. That, in turn, will lead to increased efficiency and productivity and pave the way for further success and profit.

How to Select the Best Recruitment Firm?

Recruiting agencies have the upper hand when it comes to recruiting in comparison to internal recruiters. The reason is that recruiting agencies are always hiring, and they have better networks and updated knowledge of the job market. On the other hand, internal recruiters might be hiring once or twice a year and might not have deep networks to reach the best talent.

If you are planning to work with a recruitment agency, you need to follow a thorough process to choose the right recruitment partner. Here are some things to focus on when selecting the best recruiting firms in San Francisco.

Step One- Define Your Hiring Needs

The first step in choosing the best recruitment agency is defining your hiring needs. Based on the hiring needs, you can come to an understanding of what kind of recruitment partner will make a perfect match. For example, are you looking for temporary employees? Are you looking for a temp to perm employees? Are you looking for general staff?

These are some of the questions you need to focus on. Once you have defined your hiring needs, you need to prioritize them. This will help you decide evaluation criteria when shortlisting best recruitment agencies.

Step Two- Selecting the Right Type of Online Recruitment Firm

If you are done with defining your staffing needs, it would be easy to select the right type of online recruitment firm. For example, if you are looking for a temp to perm employees, you need to look for a temp to perm agency.

If you are looking for employees with special skill sets related to your industry, you should look for a specialist recruiter. For everything else, you can choose a general recruitment agency that provides general staff.

Step Three – Check the Affordability

Most recruitment agencies have general information mentioned on their website, but you need to contact them for detailed pricing of their services.

You can prepare a list of best-recruiting firms in San Francisco and send them an inquiry. Besides the pricing structure for their services, you need to seek information about the terms and conditions of their services.

Step Four – Check Their Sourcing Methods

Anyone can post a job advertisement on Internet job boards and conduct interviews. The sourcing of candidates is an important aspect when choosing a recruitment partner. Today, the top talent is employed elsewhere. The best-recruiting agencies have deeper networks in the industry and know the details of the passive candidates.

You need to understand the depth of the hiring process of the recruiting agency, know whom they are talking to, how they are using references to get best talent on-board.

Step Five- Check Their Understanding About Industries They Serve

Every recruitment agency presents itself as a specialist recruiter, but that is not enough. It is necessary the recruitment agency understands different job profiles in your industry and the skills sets required in a candidate to be successful at the job. Only then they can send candidates who are fluent in your industry.

You can check their past recruitments and look for companies belonging to your industry vertical. It is always good to select a recruitment agency that has experience in hiring for your business niche.

Step Six- Check Client’s and Candidate’s Testimonials

A recruitment agency is known to find a perfect candidate for their client and vice versa. If both are not well matched, the client is more likely to bear financial losses due to attrition. Besides looking at the client’s testimonials, you need to also learn about the experience of the candidate’s placed by the agency.

You need to look beyond the recruitment agency’s website and look for comments and reviews of the recruitment agency on other websites and sources to get a clear picture. It is necessary to look for a recruitment agency that looks for the client’s long-term interests.

There you have it. Now you know the tips to select the best-recruiting firms in San Francisco who can get the best talent onboard before you lose them to your competitors.

Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to comment.

Five Ways to Use Direct Mail Marketing For Small Businesses

Direct mail has been the most profitable marketing tool for ages, compared to other tools such as digital marketing or traditional TV and print ads. The reason for this is simple: it increases the response rate and provides a much higher return on investment with a much lower cost compared to other advertising tools.

According to a report by Harvard Business Review, businesses experience a 25% response rate when using direct mail marketing compared to only a 23% rate for emails. Also, direct mail solutions costs much less than pay-per-click or print advertising, according to the DMA.

However, simply including direct mail in your marketing strategy is not going to make a difference. Instead, you have to utilize it correctly to make it work for you.

Wondering how to use it correctly? Then take a look at the following five ways to use it for your business.

1. Formulate a Strategy

Like every other marketing technique, the success of your direct mail marketing campaign largely depends on the strategy you formulate before the first piece is delivered.

Define the goal of your campaign, such as building awareness or winning over new customers; the target market, whether local or hyper-local; the budget; and the mailing frequency to name a few.

2. Include a Call to Action

If you don’t tell your customers what you want them to do when receiving your mail, they will hardly respond to your message and all your efforts and investments will be in vain.

Therefore, always include a direct response or call to action in all your mailings by telling your target audience what to do next and when and how to do it based on your campaign objective.
For example, if you have a retail store and you want your potential customers to come to your store, then you can ask them to visit in the next five days for larger discounts as a next step and tell them when you are open and how they can reach your store (by including a customized map).

Similarly, if you want them to visit your website to avail an offer, you can include a coupon as a call to action which can be redeemed by visiting your site.

3. Make Your Copy Attractive

To what kind of message would you prefer to respond to? A colorful, attractive and beautifully designed mail addressed specifically to you or a flat, black and white generic mail?

Of course the former, right?

The same goes for your customers. Use larger and easy-to-read fonts, have a simple, yet eye-catching design and, most importantly, write an effective copy that will drive the customers to respond.

The best way to make it is to use the “AIDA” formula. It is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. If you follow this approach, your copy is bound to stand out.

Moreover, to generate better results, you should personalize it by addressing customers with their name or even by including a handwritten thank you note and personalized URL.

4. Refine Your Target Database

The key to success of any marketing campaign depends on identifying and targeting the right type of buyers. If you send a fundraising mail to a disinterested donor, you will hardly get a response. Similarly, if your product is for women only and you send a mail to a male group, your campaign will end up damaging your brand.

So make sure you narrow your target list according to your requirements. Whether it is by industry, gender, geography or income level, the success of your direct mail marketing relies on how well you address the customers who actually have a need for your services.

5. Test, Test and Test

By now, you have got an overview of what you need to do to make direct mail marketing work for you, but the most important step is testing. You need to test your campaign to see what works and what doesn’t work so that you can tweak it accordingly.

One of the best and easiest ways to perform the testing is the A/B split test. If you need to mail to 1,000 potential customers, do not mail them all at a first go. Instead, make a small sample size of 200 and mail 100 of them with one headline and the other 100 with a different headline to find out which one works better. Similarly, you can use hand addressed envelopeshand addressed envelopes, change the font size, design, color or even the call to action to see what works best.

So how do you use direct mail marketing? Do you have any points to share?

Grow Your Business Through Custom Postcard Printing

Postcard print marketing is making a fast revival in today’s age where every marketing avenue is slowly going digital. The biggest reason for this is the high read value of these postcards. They are short, attractive and do not require a huge expense because they do not require envelopes and extra effort of stuffing and addressing the envelopes. However, you have to be strategic if you want to earn significant business through custom postcard printing and direct mail marketing. Here are a few tips to help steer you in the right direction.

Make a concrete marketing plan

Your postcard marketing campaign should have a concrete plan right from the get-go. This will affect the design, the structure, and the consolidation of your mailing database. You also need to plan the value of the postcard message for your campaign and design the message to grab as much attention as possible.

Make them as attractive as possible

Postcards are getting more traction over regular digital avenues because they have a higher attraction rate. Make sure you tap into this potential with the right choice of images, graphic choices, and color palettes.

Go for the bigger size if you want to make a bigger splash

Oversized postcards have a greater attraction value. Of course, this does not mean you can cram in many words into the message. You have to ensure that your postcard carries a significant association with your brand image to make the most marketing impact for your business.

Edit the copy- short says it best!

Postcards have to be very economical with their messages. Short headlines and declarative sentences for your messages work best in this scenario. It is very important to not use too confusing words or a jumble of details because it will distract your clients from the actual purpose of the marketing.

Associate the right message with the postcard-marketing medium

It is very important to associate the right kind of message with the right kind of medium to get the best impact. Postcards work best for messages with a deadline. This will include messages such as service expiration or renewal reminders. You can also include offers that have an expiration deadline, so your customers know to take advantage of them as soon as possible. You can use the postcards to send coupons, promotional advertisements, fundraising event invites, and even gift certificates to your clients.

The postcard quality

Postcards can be a very definite marketing medium. However, it has to make the largest impact on a very short time. So pack the most punch by including high quality images, full-color, and high-end effect printing. The boldest of your company photos should be reserved for postcards. The postcard paper material should be thick with a good quality texture to give a more exclusive effect to every customer on the mailing list.

Choose the right call to action

Your postcard message should include a quick call to action. Do not leave your customers wondering what they have to do next to avail the offer or renew the service subscription if they are compelled to do so. Include your contact information and company website details so the direct mailing campaign can redirect your customers to your online marketing campaigns.

Budget carefully

It is important to have a significant budget plan before you begin your postcard marketing campaigns. The budget will help decide the quality of the paper you choose for your postcards and also the kind of postage (first class or standard) that you choose. This will also affect your printing choices and mailing list consolidation so be careful about curtailing and leave enough room for flexibility.

Consolidate the mailing list carefully

Finally, it is very important to create a segmented mailing list for a successful postcard marketing campaign. You mailing list should have recipients divided in to name, age, income potential, and profession and interest segments.